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We can all sing, just how well does vary, but it is in all of us and Gotta Sing! will help you find your voice and the joy that brings!

As a baby our first cries are much closer to singing than they are to speaking and we soon learn to make sustained sounds so our mothers understand the difference between a painful cry, a hungry cry and a happy cry. As we grow up, we are told to ‘be quiet’ and ‘don’t make such a noise’ and we lose the ability to express ourselves with an uninhibited child-like freedom. Often we'll manufacture a speaking voice to give us more authority or to make us sound the way we think we should!

Re-connecting with your voice as a ‘singer’ is so exciting and liberating and Gotta Sing! allows you to find that vocal freedom in a safe and supportive environment.
There are many different strands to the art of singing, the first is vocal technique or, quite simply, how you make the sound. In the beginning it may not be as pleasant as we'd like but the ‘natural’ resonance of the voice is there to be discovered and with the simple technical exercises and expert guidance of Gotta Sing! you will be given the tools to unlock and produce your own unique sound. The results are often surprising and you may well find out much more about yourself than you expect!

There is also the technique of communicating the song, the art of performing. This can be learned quite easily, although how well you can do it when the 'performance nerves' take hold is another matter. This is where Gotta Sing! is a unique experience. You will be with a group of like-minded people who all share the same feelings. The workshop sessions will give you true and honest feedback on what you do and on previous courses we have witnessed some remarkable transformations, from nervous, shy introverted speakers into confident, able singers and communicators!

The end of course cabaret is the crowning moment. To challenge yourself in this way, in such an ‘immediate’ art form, is an experience like no other. Cabaret does not have the anonymity of a choir but an intimacy that is at the very core of performing. Gotta Sing! will allow you to discover a fabulous feeling that will stay with you forever..

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